Win A New Pair of Work Boots

Working in the HDD industry is tough. It’s hot; it’s cold; it’s dirty; it’s physical – and it’s absolutely murder on work boots! That’s where we can help. Enter our #workbootgiveaway for a chance to win a new pair of work boots (up to a $250 value). To enter, follow these simple instructions: Post a photo … Continued

BREAKING NEWS – RockEye Hammer System Receives Major Upgrade

Armadrillco High-Flow/Side-Load Housing Adapted to the RockEye The spring 2017 acquisition of Armadrillco® solidified StraightLine HDD’s position as a leader in hard condition tooling. The announcement today of the adaption of the patented Armadrillco transmitter housing to the RockEye® Hammer System is a significant step in diffusing Armadrillco technology throughout StraightLine HDD tooling platforms. Adapting … Continued

Job Site Stories: RockEye Hammer Rocks Two Ohio Pipeline Segments

Location:  New Philadelphia and Ashland, Ohio Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System | Vermeer 80×100 | 1150×350 compressor   A major petroleum-transport infrastructure company was awarded contract to install a 215-mile connector pipeline. The 12-inch heavy-wall steel pipe was to link a processing facility in northeast Ohio to an existing pipeline in north central … Continued

Job Site Stories: RockEye Hammer Notches Win in Georgia Limestone

Location: Atlanta, Georgia Equipment: RockEye 3.0 Hammer | Vermeer 20×22 | 400×200 compressor   Buford, Georgia-based Comtran Group, Inc., received a contract to drill a 350-foot rock bore in a North Atlanta residential area. Passing through terrain of rolling hills, the job was … Continued

Advantage RockEye, Part III: Production

In the decade since launching the RockEye Hammer System, we’ve spent quite a bit of time helping contractors put holes in some of the nastiest rock out there. During this time, the first thing most of these contractors mentioned was the surprising rate by which the RockEye pounded through rock. Here’s one such story from … Continued

Meet the People Who Make Ready-To-Work…Work.

Since opening our doors in 1999, Source: HDD, Inc. has operated under the Ready-To-Work promise. In a nutshell, the promise is a commitment that insures everything sold, from used rigs and equipment to new down-hole tooling, is functionally ready to earn a return on investment the moment it lands on your job site. Read more … Continued