Mag 3 Locator Unfazed By Interference

As underground utility installations grow in popularity, an old nemesis, interference—both passive and active forms—is stretching the limits of both locator operators and locating technology. A recent bore in Houston, Texas illustrates the growing locating challenge. Contracted to install three 1-1/4-inch conduits for telecom provider Fibernet Direct, MP Nexlevel struggled to accurately locate a complex … Continued

Advantage Performix: Part II

Editor’s Note: In Part I of this series (read it here), we learned the Performix Mixer’s centrifugal pump produces a highly streamlined water flow (i.e. high laminar flow). We also learned streamlined water flow is only a part (albeit an important part) of a process that ends with fully sheared drilling fluids. In Part II, we cover what … Continued

The Time To Act Is Now!

Most HDD market observers agree: 2017 saw an HDD market stabilizing from a turbulent 2016. Some niche segments—notably, telecom and fiber-optic market segments—recorded strong work backlogs, with gas/oil markets returning—albeit slowly. To read about how some observers viewed the HDD market, click here. An improving HDD market produced two notable trends: Stronger cash flows, with … Continued

Advantage Performix: Part I – Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow, noun, Hydraulics, Mechanics. the flow of a viscous fluid in which fluid particles move in parallel layers; each of which has a constant velocity but is in motion relative to its neighboring layers. The Performix Mix System produces fully sheared, ready-to-drill fluids faster and more efficiently than anything on the market. There are a number … Continued