Advantage Performix: Part I – Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow, noun, Hydraulics, Mechanics.

  1. the flow of a viscous fluid in which fluid particles move in parallel layers; each of which has a constant velocity but is in motion relative to its neighboring layers.

The Performix Mix System produces fully sheared, ready-to-drill fluids faster and more efficiently than anything on the market. There are a number of technical reasons why (which will be covered in future posts), but it starts with a pump that produces the industry’s highest laminar flow.

Laminar Flow

As fluid flows from the Performix pump, it is described as having high laminar flow (or streamlined). This orderly state will quickly change as fluid intersects the Venturi.

High Laminar Flow…So What?

For many, a mud mixer pump’s laminar flow means little. It should. Laminar flow describes how fluid particles flow in an orderly path through a passage (i.e. pipe), without intersecting with the paths of each other. This fluid flow type—high pressure/low velocity—is said to be “streamlined.”

This high state of laminar flow generated by the Performix pump is important because as the highly streamlined fluid flows into the Venturi Jet – and then out – dramatic changes in velocity, pressure and density occur.

  • From pump – Streamlined, Low Velocity/High Pressure
  • Into the Venturi – High Velocity/Low Pressure
  • Out of the Venturi – Turbulent, Low Velocity/High Pressure

The Bottom Line

Having a pump that produces fluid in a state of high Laminar flow is the first stage in producing fully sheared, ready-to-drill fluids. Additional stages are required to alter velocity, pressure and turbulence.

These stages will be covered individually in future blog posts.

Dual Performix

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