Advantage Performix: Part III – The Mixing Tank

In the previous two installments of the Advantage Performix Series, we explored the science driving the world’s best mud mixing platform (read Part I here, Part II here). In our third and final installment, we cover the last step in the journey from raw materials to fully sheared fluids: the mixing tank.

A critical part of the overall system, Performix tanks are far from ordinary.  In fact, considerable time and engineering effort went into the development of the Performix tank. Of course, like almost everything else in the mixing process, all the “action” cannot be easily observed by the casual observer.

n the journey from the pump to the tank, the Performix Mixer functions as a system with one singular goal: To get you mixing fast and drilling better than any mixer on the planet.

So why spend the time and resources to engineer a hunk of plastic? It’s really quite simple:  If you want to build the best mud mixing system on the planet, the entire system – from the power plant and pump, to Venturi jet and tank—must be considered as an interconnected system, with each part playing a vital role.

There are two elements that make Performix tanks a vital piece of a total mixing solution.

  • Fluid Dynamics. You don’t have to ponder the fluid dynamics of your mud tank—because we’ve already done it for you. A year in development, our engineers designed interior tank contours that direct fluid on a path that generates maximum speed.
  • Agitation. Fast water is only half of the story. Considerable engineering was devoted to interior tank guns. Decisions on gun design, placement and angle—relative to the aforementioned interior tank curves—were all oriented to achieve a single goal: maintain maximum agitation.

With the engineered interior tank curvature working together with highly engineered tank guns, the Performix Mix System tanks are capable of turning an entire tank over in as little as two minutes.

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