RockEye Air Hammer Prevails in Maui, Hawaii

Location: Island of Maui, Hawaii Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on Vermeer® 100×140, coupled with 1100×350 compressor. The Challenge: Hawaii Pacific Trenchless, LLC received a contract to install a pressurized sewer system on the island of Maui. As with any HDD bore on the islands, drilling the six-inch fused pipe presented a multi-dimensional … Continued

Job Site Stories: RockEye Hammer Rocks Two Ohio Pipeline Segments

Location:  New Philadelphia and Ashland, Ohio Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System | Vermeer 80×100 | 1150×350 compressor   A major petroleum-transport infrastructure company was awarded contract to install a 215-mile connector pipeline. The 12-inch heavy-wall steel pipe was to link a processing facility in northeast Ohio to an existing pipeline in north central … Continued

Job Site Stories: RockEye Hammer Notches Win in Georgia Limestone

Location: Atlanta, Georgia Equipment: RockEye 3.0 Hammer | Vermeer 20×22 | 400×200 compressor   Buford, Georgia-based Comtran Group, Inc., received a contract to drill a 350-foot rock bore in a North Atlanta residential area. Passing through terrain of rolling hills, the job was … Continued

Job Site Stories: CMP Technologies, Inc.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Equipment: RockEye 4.0 Hammer System, Vermeer 23×30 with Atlas Copco 1000×350 compressor The Challenge: North Carolina-based, the CMP Technologies was tasked with a 400-foot bore to install 8-inch poly pipe. The site, located in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Center City neighborhood, required a 20-foot depth, an aggressive 12 degree left turn … Continued

RockEye Hammer Wins Another Convert

After spending two and one-half weeks on a mud motor and conventional tooling, Oklahoma-based HDDI, Inc., deployed a RockEye 4.0 Hammer System. The result: a successful bore completed 6 times as fast as conventional methods. Read the entire HDDI, Inc. story here. Learn More

HDDI, Inc. & RockEye Team Up To Score First Ever Bore Under Spring River

Location:                    Baxter Springs, Kansas Equipment:              StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on a Vermeer 36×50 paired with an Atlas Copco XRVS 1550 compressor. The Challenge: Oklahoma-based HDDI, Inc., received a contract to complete a 750-foot, 1.5- and 2-inch fiber conduit installation in extreme Southeast Kansas. The area, located along the historic Route … Continued

Veteran Driller: “RockEye is Money In The Bank.”

“I wish we could have gotten one of these a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of headache and a lot of time.” -Steve Nierman | Nowak Construction Even on short bores, inconsistent soil conditions are a major headache. The headache intensifies quickly when rock is present. Inconsistent geology—from variations in hardness … Continued

Job Site Stories: CDL Electric Company, Inc.

Location: Ft. Scott, Kansas Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 4.0 Hammer System on Vermeer® 23×30, coupled with a Sullair 1150×350 compressor. CDL Electric Company, Inc. received a job to install 4-inch poly pipe for traffic signal power and control cables for the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad. The job site, located in Fort Scott, Kansas, rested on … Continued

Job Site Stories: Nelms Contracting

Location: Madison, TN Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on a Vermeer 24×40 Series 3 and 1150 X 350 compressor. The Challenge: The Nelms Contracting crew knew the job of installing fiber optic conduits in the Nashville, Tennessee area was going to be a challenge. Conditions in the area contained a mix … Continued

DBU Construction Partners With Source: HDD & StraightLine HDD

  When operating in a state where the official moniker is, “The Granite State,” it’s safe to assume that most jobs will have a heavy dose of rock—really hard rock. For Chichester, New Hampshire-based DBU Construction, moving from sand, to clay, cobble and then to 30,000 psi granite—all in a single shot—is a typical “day … Continued