Advantage Performix: Part II

Editor’s Note: In Part I of this series (read it here), we learned the Performix Mixer’s centrifugal pump produces a highly streamlined water flow (i.e. high laminar flow). We also learned streamlined water flow is only a part (albeit an important part) of a process that ends with fully sheared drilling fluids. In Part II, we cover what … Continued

Advantage Performix: Part I – Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow, noun, Hydraulics, Mechanics. the flow of a viscous fluid in which fluid particles move in parallel layers; each of which has a constant velocity but is in motion relative to its neighboring layers. The Performix Mix System produces fully sheared, ready-to-drill fluids faster and more efficiently than anything on the market. There are a number … Continued

BREAKING NEWS – StraightLine HDD Announces Upgrade to Performix Mixers

New Silicon-Carbide Seal Offers Three Times the Service Life Hutchinson, Kansas – StraightLine HDD, Inc. announced the implementation of an upgrade to its popular Performix Mud Mix System. At the heart of the Performix System is the centrifugal pump, which generates the best laminar flow in the industry. The performance pump now features an upgraded … Continued

Straightline Introduces New Diesel Powered Performix Mixer

In response to customer demand StraightLine is proud to introduce our Performix D250 mud mixer. Powered by a 25Hp Lombardini diesel the D250 will deliver the rugged reliability that the Performix Family of Mixers have become known for. The D250 is a self contained skid with a small footprint that makes it easy to configure on any truck or trailer. The Performix … Continued