RockEye Air Hammer Prevails in Maui, Hawaii

Location: Island of Maui, Hawaii Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on Vermeer® 100×140, coupled with 1100×350 compressor. The Challenge: Hawaii Pacific Trenchless, LLC received a contract to install a pressurized sewer system on the island of Maui. As with any HDD bore on the islands, drilling the six-inch fused pipe presented a multi-dimensional … Continued

Twenty-Seven Year History of Building HDD Reamers

As the decade of the 1990’s began, a handful of companies led the advancement of a new trenchless construction method known as horizontal directional drilling. One of the early pioneers, StraightLine Manufacturing (later to become StraightLine HDD), launched the first of a series of innovative steerable boring machines in 1989. The market was quick to recognize … Continued

IRS Website Provides Contractors Guidance on Section 179 Tax Reduction Strategies

Let’s be honest: more often than not, the Federal government falls short when it comes to passing anything that does what’s it is intended to do. There are a lot of reasons why, from bureaucratic inefficiencies, partisan compromise to plain-old bad execution and/or administration. Section 179 is a Rare Success Targeting small- and mid-sized businesses, Section 179 is … Continued

The Time To Act Is Now!

Most HDD market observers agree: 2017 saw an HDD market stabilizing from a turbulent 2016. Some niche segments—notably, telecom and fiber-optic market segments—recorded strong work backlogs, with gas/oil markets returning—albeit slowly. To read about how some observers viewed the HDD market, click here. An improving HDD market produced two notable trends: Stronger cash flows, with … Continued

Meet the People Who Make Ready-To-Work…Work.

Since opening our doors in 1999, Source: HDD, Inc. has operated under the Ready-To-Work promise. In a nutshell, the promise is a commitment that insures everything sold, from used rigs and equipment to new down-hole tooling, is functionally ready to earn a return on investment the moment it lands on your job site. Read more … Continued

Illinois-Based Contractor Uses Source: HDD To Gear Up For Big Florida Job

Allen Rakers, long-time owner/operator of Lil Rock Electrical Contractors, knew about Source: HDD through his brother.  “But I’ve never had the need to buy anything,” recounts Rakers.   That changed recently as Rakers’ company was awarded a substantial contract in Pensacola, Florida. Like many contractors, the Carlyle, Illinois-based company had a well-entrenched custom of relying … Continued

Veteran Driller: “RockEye is Money In The Bank.”

“I wish we could have gotten one of these a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of headache and a lot of time.” -Steve Nierman | Nowak Construction Even on short bores, inconsistent soil conditions are a major headache. The headache intensifies quickly when rock is present. Inconsistent geology—from variations in hardness … Continued

Custom Team Delivers “Slimmed-Down” All-Terrain

In the world of HDD, a “routine” bore is a rarity. In such cases, tapping a team of tooling professionals can be an invaluable asset. Custom reamer solution during fabrication. This was the case when a Colorado contractor recently contacted the StraightLine HDD custom solutions team. Taking the call at 6:45 p.m., the team spent … Continued

Custom Team Deliver Six-Piece Reamer Order

The business of horizontal directional drilling is inherently risky. When the job involves installing large-scale utilities, risk scales up quickly. That’s why so many contractors rely on StraightLine HDD. See more stories about StraightLine reamer solutions. This custom reamer solution was built for a contractor who required aggressive push/pull capability to execute a series of three … Continued

New Look. New Experience: Source: HDD Unveils New Website.

Source: HDD recently launched a new website. The full-featured site is designed to assist HDD professionals make well-informed decisions by streamlining the process of locating and researching used horizontal directional drilling rigs and equipment, as well as new down-hole tools and tooling packages from StraightLine HDD. New Site is Designed to Streamline Your Search For Quality … Continued