Twenty-Seven Year History of Building HDD Reamers

As the decade of the 1990’s began, a handful of companies led the advancement of a new trenchless construction method known as horizontal directional drilling. One of the early pioneers, StraightLine Manufacturing (later to become StraightLine HDD), launched the first of a series of innovative steerable boring machines in 1989. The market was quick to recognize … Continued

Illinois-Based Contractor Uses Source: HDD To Gear Up For Big Florida Job

Allen Rakers, long-time owner/operator of Lil Rock Electrical Contractors, knew about Source: HDD through his brother.  “But I’ve never had the need to buy anything,” recounts Rakers.   That changed recently as Rakers’ company was awarded a substantial contract in Pensacola, Florida. Like many contractors, the Carlyle, Illinois-based company had a well-entrenched custom of relying … Continued

Breaking News: StraightLine HDD Expands Hole Opener Line

StraightLine HDD, Inc. recently expanded its hole opener offering with the introduction of the XL-I Series. Designed from the ground up for the horizontal directional drilling market, the XL-I Series is positioned as a cost-effective alternative to “split-bit” hole openers. “With the XT-I Series, every element is optimized to give the user a powerful new … Continued

Custom Reamer Solution Features Customer-Defined Design

Two members of the custom fabrication team in action. This custom reamer request falls under the “if you can dream it, we can build it” category. In this case, a customer contacted the custom team with a specific request. Along with a standard set 20-, 28- and 38-inch Maxi Barrel reamers, the customer specified a … Continued

Custom Team Delivers “Slimmed-Down” All-Terrain

In the world of HDD, a “routine” bore is a rarity. In such cases, tapping a team of tooling professionals can be an invaluable asset. Custom reamer solution during fabrication. This was the case when a Colorado contractor recently contacted the StraightLine HDD custom solutions team. Taking the call at 6:45 p.m., the team spent … Continued

Custom Team Deliver Six-Piece Reamer Order

The business of horizontal directional drilling is inherently risky. When the job involves installing large-scale utilities, risk scales up quickly. That’s why so many contractors rely on StraightLine HDD. See more stories about StraightLine reamer solutions. This custom reamer solution was built for a contractor who required aggressive push/pull capability to execute a series of three … Continued

StraightLine Reamers

The year was 1990, StraightLine Manufacturing (later to become StraightLine HDD) was just a year removed from launching its DirectLine steerable boring machine. Demand for the game-changing machine was intense. In the frenzy to meet growing demand and to advance the technology, StraightLine engineers began to realize rig technology was outpacing down-hole tooling. The deficiency … Continued

DBU Construction Partners With Source: HDD & StraightLine HDD

  When operating in a state where the official moniker is, “The Granite State,” it’s safe to assume that most jobs will have a heavy dose of rock—really hard rock. For Chichester, New Hampshire-based DBU Construction, moving from sand, to clay, cobble and then to 30,000 psi granite—all in a single shot—is a typical “day … Continued

Epic 2 ½ ton Custom Reamer

When it comes to drilling holes in the ground, unpredictability is the norm. That’s why StraightLine maintains a team of professionals dedicated to building custom solutions for the toughest HDD challenges. The team was recently put to the test with a rush order for a large diameter tool on a very short (i.e. “I need … Continued

StraightLine HDD Reamers Play Critical Role In Canadian Job

Editors Note: This story will appear in the January/February issue of Canadian Underground Infrastructure magazine. Tapping Partners’ Expertise Critical To Success By Joe Phillips, StraightLineHDD, Marc St.-Onge, HDDPlus, Inc. and Tyler Gordon, Marathon Drilling Company, Ltd. As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Nowhere is this truer than in the world of … Continued