Advantage RockEye, Part III: Production

In the decade since launching the RockEye Hammer System, we’ve spent quite a bit of time helping contractors put holes in some of the nastiest rock out there. During this time, the first thing most of these contractors mentioned was the surprising rate by which the RockEye pounded through rock. Here’s one such story from … Continued

Advantage RockEye, Part II: Training

Since introducing the RockEye Hammer System 10 years ago, StraightLine field engineers have logged hundreds of thousands of miles traveling to job sites across the country – and the world – to demonstrate the RockEye’s capabilities. Today, we remain committed to training the next generation of RockEye operators, including set up, a maintenance and troubleshooting overview … Continued

Advantage RockEye, Part I: Steering

The RockEye Hammer System gives you the power to pound through rock. The advanced geometry of the 2-point steering system also gives you total control to place the bit exactly where you want it. Read how the RockEye has become the “go to” choice for difficult rock bores. Learn More

RockEye Hammer Wins Another Convert

After spending two and one-half weeks on a mud motor and conventional tooling, Oklahoma-based HDDI, Inc., deployed a RockEye 4.0 Hammer System. The result: a successful bore completed 6 times as fast as conventional methods. Read the entire HDDI, Inc. story here. Learn More

Veteran Driller: “RockEye is Money In The Bank.”

“I wish we could have gotten one of these a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of headache and a lot of time.” -Steve Nierman | Nowak Construction Even on short bores, inconsistent soil conditions are a major headache. The headache intensifies quickly when rock is present. Inconsistent geology—from variations in hardness … Continued

What is Ready-To-Work?

So what exactly is Ready-To-Work and what’s it mean to you? Vice President of Sales, Jay Cary, provides a brief synopsis of Source: HDD’s Ready-To-Work philosophy. allowfullscreen>

Discover the Secret Behind StraightLine Reamers

When you think of reamers, you don’t typically think much about what went into the making of the tool. Your focus is on the task at hand. That’s the way it should be. StraightLine’s job is to apply our years’ of hands-on drilling experience with unmatched engineering and manufacturing expertise to making reamers that simply outperform in … Continued

Shop Floor: Machining A Transmitter Housing

This is a quick video highlighting our machining process for Transmitter Housings. StraightLine offers housings for every major rig manufacturing and any rig size

Hardfacing Tri-Actions

Just a quick walk through the shop today revealed the guys hard facing a large order of Tri-Action reamers. We’ve been manufacturing these reamers for years and they’re still a very popular solution for drillers today.