CBC Pipeline, Inc. — Cadiz, OH

Equipment: Ditch Witch® JT3020; StraightLine® 4.0 RockEye® Air Hammer System; Sullair 1150 cfm x 350 psi air compressor.

The Challenge: CBC Pipeline, Inc. of Goldonna, LA was awarded a multiple bore contract with a combined length of approximately 1300′ between three shots. Each bore plan called for a depth of 20′ and ground conditions consisted of layered shale, coal and hard sandstone. Environmental factors included protected wetlands and the use of drilling mud and foam was strictly prohibited. Consistent rain was also a factor on the jobsite throughout the duration of the project.

Conventional tooling was employed on the first bore which required multiple attempts over the course of nearly two weeks to complete. Following the initial shot, CBC Foreman, Bob Gump, called StraightLine® to demonstrate the RockEye Hammer System. Lead Field Engineer Ron Becker and a 4.0 RockEye Air Hammer System were immediately deployed. The two remaining bores called for a 20″ and a 12″ steel pipeline to be installed, running parallel to one another, approximately 8′ apart. The lines would serve as pressurized gas lines, upon installation.

Outcome: The remaining two shots were completed in just three days, as the crew steered 15 minute rods consistently. No frack-outs were recorded on the final two bores. “The StraightLine® RockEye™ has completely changed the way we do directional boring,” stated CBC’s Bob Gump, “When you factor in labor, footage and clean up, the (RockEye™) hammer is a real money saving tool for us.”