Custom Reamer Solution Features Customer-Defined Design

Two members of the custom fabrication team in action.

This custom reamer request falls under the “if you can dream it, we can build it” category. In this case, a customer contacted the custom team with a specific request. Along with a standard set 20-, 28- and 38-inch Maxi Barrel reamers, the customer specified a unique reamer design, tailored to a large job in the northeast United States.

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The design, dubbed a Flat-Faced Cutting Reamer, featured:

  • An open body design;
  • Bi-directional, to support both push and pull reaming;
  • Flat cutting face;
  • Massive box tube internal support structures designed to deliver large fluid volumes inside the stabilizing ring.

Hard-facing the 28-inch Flat-Faced reamer.

The order called for a total of nine reamers: three standard stabilizing Maxi-Barrels and six Flat-Faced Cutting reamers, ranging in size from 24-, 32-, to 40-inches in diameters. All reamers were mounted to 9.5-inch shafts.

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Along with the challenge of executing an entirely new design—including sourcing parts unique to the design and building the necessary fabrication jigs—the order called for a tight 3-day delivery window on the first three reamers, with the balance due in 14-days.

Given the short production window to fulfill the order, this was an “all hands on deck” effort.

A close up showing the generous hard-facing, cutting teeth and fluid jets.

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