Custom Team Deliver Six-Piece Reamer Order

The business of horizontal directional drilling is inherently risky. When the job involves installing large-scale utilities, risk scales up quickly. That’s why so many contractors rely on StraightLine HDD.

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This custom reamer solution was built for a contractor who required aggressive push/pull capability to execute a series of three back-reams. In addition, three Barrel reamers were specified to stabilize the hole. Following a brief consultation, a plan was put into motion. To handle the volume produced by the 400+ GPM mud pump and to maximize spoils removal, the Wing reamer design incorporated generous perimeter flow and forward- facing fluid distribution. The companion Barrel reamers were sized precisely to accommodate the Wing diameters.

A similar custom reamer order was featured in a 2015 Canadian Underground Infrastructure article.

Three members of the StraightLine fabrication team pose with the three Winged reamers.

Here is the “tale of the tape” for this order:

Cutting teeth being attached to a Winged reamer.

Winged Reamer

26-inches; weight – 862 lbs.

38-inches; weight – 1,525 lbs.

50-inches; weight – 2,017 lbs.

One of the three Maxi-Barrel reamers under construction.

Maxi-Barrel Reamer

24-inces; weight – 1,490 lbs.

36-inches; weight – 3,088 lbs.

46-inches – weight – 4,386 lbs.

Working together insures quality.

A trio of Winged reamers in the studio.

The largest Barrel reamer weighed in at 4,386 lbs.

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