Mud Mixing Systems


Explore the range of mud mixing systems and accessories offered by StraightLine HDD.

Our in-house engineered and manufactured mud mixers yield better and faster bentonite solutions for all of your onsite horizontal directional drilling needs. The centrifugal pump powers the process, turning a 1,000-gallon tank in approximately two minutes. Our jet and venturi is designed to get you to sheared, yielded and ready drilling fluids in a matter of minutes.

One notable product is the Performix Mud Mixer, which is designed to quickly and thoroughly mix drilling fluids, ensuring optimal viscosity and consistency for smooth drilling operations.

Other accessories like storage tanks are also available to help maintain the desired properties of the drilling mud during HDD projects. Whether you need to mix, agitate, or manage drilling fluids, StraightLine HDD's mud mixing systems offer reliable and high-quality solutions to meet your horizontal directional drilling project requirements.