Full Line of Powerful and Affordable Underground Magnetics Locating Systems Now Available

Underground Magnetics is a start-up company aiming to bring disruptive locating technologies to the trenchless industry. The company’s locators offer users extended range, improved accuracy and a simple user interface that is easy to learn and use – at a budget-friendly price point.

Source: HDD and StraightLine HDD now offer the complete line of advanced locating systems from Underground Magnetics.

Field-proven for power and ease-of-use, Mag 3 and Mag 6 packages start at a budget-friendly $11,700.

The baseline (Package 2) Mag 3 and Mag 6 locators come with an industry-leading feature set

  • Independent antennae reach depths of up to 190 feet
  • LCD remote display, with telemetry range of up to 3,000 feet
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries with charger
  • Echo 1 single frequency, two power level transmitter


Upgraded Mag 3 and Mag 6 locators (Package 3) come with all Package 2 features, plus

  • An Echo 1 4kHz, 19kHz or 30kHz multi-frequency transmitter

Unlike traditional locating systems, both Mag 3 and Mag 6 receivers boast two independent antennae. The result: superior locating accuracy. Incorporating state-of-the-art digital signal processing and comms design, the Mag 3 and 6 receivers deliver exceptional depth – up to 190 feet.

Interference – a huge problem in today’s congested HDD environment – is tamed by the availability of multiple frequency choices in both the Mag 3 and Mag 6 models. Read how a Houston contractor addressed tough urban interference with a Mag 3 here.

The Mag 3 and 6 come with an easy-to-read five-inch industrial LCD display. Standard telemetry ranges up to 1,800 feet and can be extended to 3,000 feet with an extended range antenna (included).

The Mag 3 and 6 use the powerful Echo Series transmitters. Available in either single or multiple frequency versions, Echo Series transmitters feature two power levels that can be changed via the receiver or down-hole.

Mag 3 locator

Underground Magnetics locators combine a powerful feature set with affordability.

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