Illinois-Based Contractor Uses Source: HDD To Gear Up For Big Florida Job

Allen Rakers, long-time owner/operator of Lil Rock Electrical Contractors, knew about Source: HDD through his brother.  “But I’ve never had the need to buy anything,” recounts Rakers.  

That changed recently as Rakers’ company was awarded a substantial contract in Pensacola, Florida. Like many contractors, the Carlyle, Illinois-based company had a well-entrenched custom of relying on local dealer networks to assist in locating, specifying and purchasing needed equipment and tooling.

Making some last minute adjustments loading before hitting the road.

Several loaded pipe racks come with the American Augers rig.

Rakers and his son watch as weight distribution adjustments are made.

This time would be different. Needing to gear up fast—and with a defined equipment and budget specification—Rackers turned to the internet.

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“We were looking for a specific rig for this contract. We also had a specific budget in mind. We found it online on the Source: HDD web site. After doing the research and contacting the company, we felt strongly the rig we found would work for what we needed,” recalls Rackers.

Weighing the trailer following load.

In addition to finding the exact rig they were looking for, Rakers’ interaction with Source: HDD personnel left an impression. “After getting familiar with the people, their expertise and willingness to work with us to find the right mix and terms, I’m calling Source first.”

Big iron, Illinois-bound.

An on-site visit to Source: HDD reinforced the sentiment—and bolstered it in an unexpected way. “In our business, something is always breaking—usually at the worse time. In the past, we had to make due with whatever tooling was on the dealer shelf. Knowing StraightLine has—or can build—the tools we need to keep running is huge,” declared Rakers.

Facing tight timelines, the Lil Rock crew was able to get the rig they wanted and the reamers they needed—all with one transaction.  

“It saved us a ton of time and we got exactly what we needed,” says Rakers.

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