Meet the People Who Make Ready-To-Work…Work.

The people behind the Ready-To-Work promise

Since opening our doors in 1999, Source: HDD, Inc. has operated under the Ready-To-Work promise. In a nutshell, the promise is a commitment that insures everything sold, from used rigs and equipment to new down-hole tooling, is functionally ready to earn a return on investment the moment it lands on your job site.

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Ready-To-Work has been a guiding principle since Source: HDD opened its doors in 1999.

But a promise means little unless there is a cadre of seriously dedicated people—like the team we’ve assembled at Source: HDD—standing behind it. Collectively, the technicians and mechanics who bring the Ready-To-Work promise to life, possess many decades of HDD and construction equipment maintenance experience.

Most importantly, they take their jobs—and the Ready-To-Work promise—very, very seriously.

Now, through the end of the year, we will spotlight some of the people who bring the Ready-To-Work promise to life. Watch for print advertising (the header art above is a scaled-down version of the print ad) in both Trenchless Technology and Underground Construction magazines, as well as a series of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

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