All Terrain PBC (Push Back Cone)

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Push-Back AGAINST Weaker Reamers

The All-Terrain PBC (Push Back Cone) is a game-changing solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. We specifically engineer this cone to optimize the push-back process, reducing friction and increasing productivity in challenging terrains. The PBC is constructed with high-grade materials, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. Its robust design withstands the demanding conditions encountered during HDD projects, providing long-lasting performance and minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

In addition to the outstanding features of our standard All Terrain reamer, the All Terrain Push Back Cone adds a push-back cap with conical rock teeth and fluid jets. This feature allows the driller to push the reamer back with ease. The All-Terrain PBC reamer’s heavy construction makes it the toughest, most durable flute available today.

This cone excels in its versatility, as operators can utilize it in various terrains and soil conditions. Working in rocky, sandy, or clay-rich environments, the All-Terrain PBC Push Back Cone delivers exceptional results.

One of the standout features of the All-Terrain PBC Push Back Cone is its ability to reduce friction during the push-back process. By minimizing resistance and drag, this cone enhances the efficiency of your HDD equipment, enabling smoother and faster installations. The reduced friction also extends the lifespan of your equipment by minimizing wear and tear on crucial components. This tool cuts and pulverizes, forcing the remaining pieces into the formation wall.

Other vital features Push Back Cone Features include:

-Heavy plate, fully-welded steel construction

-Aggressive spiraling flutes that allow cuttings, small aggregates, and drilling fluids to pass by the body

-Replaceable jets that facilitate precise mud flow and placement

-Extra heavy carbide cutters that provide maximum performance and tool life

-Carbide hard facing on all wear surfaces

-Pushback cone with teeth and fluid jets

StraightLine designs the All-Terrain PBC Push Back Cone with operator convenience in mind. It is engineered for quick and easy installation, allowing for seamless integration with your existing HDD systems. This cone’s user-friendly design ensures hassle-free operation, saving valuable time during setup and maximizing productivity on the job site.

Experience the remarkable performance and reliability of StraightLine HDD’s All-Terrain PBC Push Back Cone and revolutionize your HDD operations. This advanced cone offers exceptional versatility, durability, and friction reduction, improving efficiency and productivity in various terrains. Trust StraightLine HDD’s expertise and commitment to quality, and equip your HDD equipment with the All-Terrain PBC Push Back Cone for superior performance and exceptional results.

Shaft size: 2″ – 6 5/8″

Size range: 8″ – 48″

Prices shown are for pin, box, or tang rear connection (built-in pullback swivels available).

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