Armadrillco 4-inch Pointed Button Bit


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Are you ready to take on soft and compacted soils with confidence? Look no further than the Armadrillco 4-inch Pointed Button Bit, featuring a tapered body design that’s engineered for superior performance. With a diameter of 4¾ inches and a weight of 11 kg, this bit is designed for precision drilling in soft to medium rock and non-abrasive materials.

Additionally, its versatility sets the Armadrillco 4-Inch Pointed Button Bit apart. This tapered button bit is specially crafted to effectively penetrate soft, compacted soils. It excels in non-homogeneous rock formations, making it the ideal choice for various drilling applications, including horizontal directional drilling.

Advantages of Pointed Button Bits:

-Cost-Effective: Button bits offer a cost-effective drilling solution, ensuring efficient operations without breaking the bank.

-Versatile Performance: Our button bits can drill through various materials, including gravels, dolomite, and even very hard and abrasive limestone, providing the versatility you need.

-Enhanced Control: Regarding directional drilling, button bits shine with their exceptional control and stability, allowing for precise and accurate drilling.

But that’s not all; the Armadrillco 4-inch Pointed Button Bit also features our bullet-proof drill head mounting system. Say goodbye to the hassles of under and over-torquing of bits and cutting heads. This system ensures your drilling equipment stays in peak condition, extending its lifespan and improving overall efficiency.

Overall, if you want to take your drilling game to the next level, you should choose the Armadrillco 4-inch Pointed Button Bit. Whether you’re working in soft soils or tackling non-homogeneous rock formations, this bit has got you covered. Choose StraightLine HDD’s selection of Armadrillco tooling bits for reliability, versatility, and performance in every drilling project.

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