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Barrel Reamers that Perform Better

A barrel reamer is a type of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tool used to enlarge the diameter of a borehole. It has a relatively flat face lined with rows of carbide cutters that allow the reamer to cut and open the hole slightly larger than the diameter of its solid body. The reamer’s teeth overcut the tool body, allowing the slurry to flow past the reamer.

Key features of a barrel reamer include:

  • Full diameter compaction
  • Fixed conical carbide cutters
  • Critical wear areas feature carbide hard surfacing
  • Replaceable fluid ports
  • Specialized wear bars with carbide hard surfacing to protect fluid ports.

Operators use barrel reamer in their HDD operations for several reasons:

First, it can help to improve the borehole’s stability and prevent collapse. Because of this, it has usage in bores where the formation types are relatively soft. Secondly, it can help increase the borehole’s diameter, making installing larger pipes or cables easier. Barrel reamers often see action when installing the final product. Lastly, it can help remove debris and obstructions from the borehole, improving the flow of drilling fluid. They can also stabilize when pulling larger reamers, flu cutters, or hole openers.

StraightLine HDD barrel reamers are made from high-quality materials and construction, making them durable and long-lasting. For example, the reamer’s fixed conical carbide cutting teeth are overcut, which allows the slurry to flow past the reamer and prevents clogging, extending tool life and maximizing performance. The reamer also features replaceable fluid ports, which makes it easy to repair and extend the tool’s life. Whether you are new to the horizontal directional drilling game or are a business veteran, like the team at StraightLine HDD, barrel reamers can be an essential part of adding to your rig to ensure operational success.

Shaft size: 3″ – 5″

Size range: 12″ – 30″

Prices shown are for pin, box, or tang rear connection.

Contact the expert StraightLine HDD team or request a custom configuration quote to configure your reamer today.