Performix SL500 Mix System Tank


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Call to order: 1.800.654.3484

Product Details

Strategically-Engineered Mix Tanks

StraightLine HDD’s Performix SL500 system tanks were crafted by our expert team to deliver unparalleled mixing characteristics when it comes to Bentonite mixing. This advanced tank design addresses common fluid settlement issues by incorporating a radius bottom, four powerful tank jets, a front-to-back slope, and a center sump area. These features work together to eliminate settling problems that often occur during mixing. Additionally, we mount the tank on a heavy-duty skid, which results in a compact footprint measuring just 24 inches wide. This compact size ensures easy installation on your horizontal directional drilling trailer, saving valuable space and costs associated with fuel.

When you pair the Performix SL500 system tank with StraightLine HDD’s Performix PM170 or PM365 Mud Mixers, you have a winning combination for Bentonite mud mixing. We utilize our team’s decades of experience to design the Performix PM170 Mud Mixers to work seamlessly with the system tank, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the mixing process. These components create a comprehensive Bentonite mud mixing system that offers unmatched performance and reliability.

The Total HDD MIXING Package

In summary, the Performix mud mixing system tanks from StraightLine HDD incorporate precise geometries and fluid dynamics to deliver exceptional performance. The innovative design eliminates settling issues and maximizes mixing action and tank roll. With StraightLine HDD’s engineering expertise and dedication to quality, you can trust that the Performix SL500 system tank will meet and exceed your expectations for Bentonite mud mixing.

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