Performix SL500 mix system tank


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Call to order: 1.800.654.3484

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New for 2021! SL500 Mix System Tank
When it comes to Bentonite mixing, StraightLine HDD’s Performix SL500 system tank is engineered to yield unmatched mixing characteristics. First, our Performix mixing tanks offer a radius bottom, with four powerful tank jets, front to back slope, and a center sump area. With this, the Performix system tanks eliminate fluid settlement issues that are common in mixing. Also, when mounted to our heavy-duty skid, the entire package measures just 24 inches wide. With this, our mixing systems boast a compact footprint for easy installation on your HDD trailer! Lastly, pair our Performix SL500 mixing system tanks with the Performix PM170 Mud Mixers. Check out these Bentonite mud mixing systems here.


In summary, the Performix mud mixing system tanks combine geometries with precision fluid dynamic in which result in unmatched performance. Our StraightLine HDD engineering team has solved the problem of fluids settling at the bottom of the tank. Our solution, mixing system tanks that maximize mixing action and tank roll.