Cast Fluted Shark Reamers

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AN ALL-STAR Cast of ReamerS

StraightLine HDD is excited to introduce our *NEW* cutting-edge product, cast fluted reamers, designed to revolutionize your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects.

Fluted reamers are renowned for their ability to excel in challenging drilling environments. We specifically design them to enhance drilling efficiency by effectively removing cuttings, reducing friction, and maintaining bore integrity.

Key Features:

-Superior Durability: Our team builds these reamers to last. We build them with high-quality materials and carbide insert strengthened teeth that withstand the rigors of HDD projects, ensuring longevity and reliability.

-Optimized Performance: Our reamer delivers optimal performance with shark rotary teeth that direct slurry flow past the reamer and out of the hole faster. It minimizes friction and maximizes energy transfer, resulting in faster drilling and improved accuracy. Moreover, the fluid ports also have precise positioning to allow for the most efficient mixing and lubrication scenarios.

-Versatility: The cast fluted reamer is adaptable to various drilling scenarios. Whether you’re working in hard soil or tackling heavy-duty rock chunk challenges, this reamer excels.


Available in sizes of 6”-24” and shaft sizes of 3.25” or 4.25”. Rear connections can be threaded, tang, or swivel (requires tonnage indicator).

Experience the future of HDD with the *NEW* cast fluted reamer by StraightLine HDD. Explore its exceptional features, superior durability, and optimized performance to enhance your HDD projects like never before.

Contact our product experts today to learn more about how our cast fluted reamers can revolutionize your HDD operations. Partner with StraightLine HDD, your trusted source for innovative HDD solutions, and take your drilling projects to new heights of efficiency and success.


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