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Product Details

The DigiTrak F2 Falcon System cuts through jobsite interference like a champ. Using its two powerful frequencies and cable transmitter capabilities, it meets a myriad of job site challenges. No more power lines, traffic loops, or hidden fences disrupting your readings. Using patented Ball-in-the-Box™ technology combined with rugged job site dependability, the DigiTrak F2 also boasts some other amazing features:

Key Features:

  • Falcon Advantage: Measures & displays quietest frequencies, optimizes with a single transmitter.
  • Active Interference Slayer: Analyzes & mitigates real-time signal disruptions.
  • Ball-in-the-Box™ Guidance: Navigate confidently with proven target tracking technology.
  • Quick Scan Pair: Scan, pick, & pair frequencies in just two clicks for faster setup.
  • See Deeper, Drill Further: Increased depth & data range (160/200 ft) in the F2 Plus model.

The DIGITRAK F2 is Rugged, Reliable, Ready:

The F2 is built to withstand harsh job site conditions, delivering consistent performance you can trust. The F2 receiver’s ease of use and precision make it the preferred locator on thousands of job sites worldwide. When project failure is not an option, the F2 locating system provides the solution. For more information on the DigiTrak F2 locator system, click here to contact our team.

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