Ditch Witch® Compatible 2-Piece Sub-Saver

$279.00 – $695.00

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Product Details

Experience unparalleled cost savings with StraightLine’s revolutionary Two-Piece Drive Chuck/Sub-Saver Combinations. This model is specifically engineered for compatibility with Ditch Witch® 2720/3020 & 4020 M1’s & AT’s. Elevate your HDD operations by optimizing efficiency and cutting down on operating costs from the get-go.

The journey to reduced expenses begins with installing our innovative 2-piece drive chuck/sub-saver combination. When the threads on the sub-saver eventually require replacement, worry not – our solution allows you to simply install a new sub-saver at a fraction of the cost compared to the original 1-piece OEM design. Witness a remarkable cost reduction of more than two-thirds, offering you substantial savings without compromising on quality.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Switching between dirt pipe and AT pipe has never been more cost-effective. With StraightLine’s Two-Piece Drive Chuck/Sub-Saver Combinations, you only need to change the sub-saver, not the complete assembly. This streamlined approach saves you time and significantly cuts down on expenses associated with complete assembly replacements.

Make a strategic investment in your HDD operations – lower your operating costs immediately, enhance efficiency, and ensure long-term savings with StraightLine’s cutting-edge Two-Piece Drive Chuck/Sub Saver Combinations. Elevate your drilling experience and propel your business toward unprecedented success.

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