Ditch Witch® Compatible Crossover Starter Rods

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Our Ditch Witch Compatible starter rods provide a simple crossover from Ditch Witch® drills to Vermeer® downhole tools and DCI transmitters. These starter rods are available for the JT920, JT1720, and JT2720 directional drills and are manufactured from 4145HT material for maximum service life. The Starter Rod provides a non-torqued connection between the Starter Rod and the downhole tool for safe and convenient tool installation and removal.

Starter rods, AKA lead rods or starter drill pipes, are crucial in horizontal directional drilling (HDD). They help reduce stress in the connections between the drill pipes, beacon housings, and back reamers. We make our starter rods from strong steel, heat-treating them and precisely machining them for maximum toughness.

Starter rods make attaching and detaching downhole tools easy and safe without twisting. They also ensure secure connections between the drill rod and downhole equipment.

Drill rods are unhardened, precisely shaped, round bars used in various industries like manufacturing and construction. They commonly make tough machine parts like dies, punches, drills, gauges, and pins. These parts need to be strong and long-lasting.

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Product Types

1704-305-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 1-5/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT520 – $309.00, 1704-352-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 1 – 5/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT922/JT9//JT10 – $495.00, 1704-301-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 1-5/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT920 – 920L – $309.00, 1704-345-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT1220 – $349.00, 1704-302-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT1720 – $319.00, 1704-303-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 Quick Connect- Fits JT2720/2020M1 – $329.00, 1704-309-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT2020M1 – $329.00, 1704-307-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 LP Quick Connect – Fits JT2720M1 – $419.00, 1704-308-01 – Pin x Vermeer® 2-1/8 Quick Connect – Fits JT4020 – $429.00