PDC Bit, 6 ½”, 3 ½” Reg Pin, 5 or 6 Blade, Round Cutters


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Introducing the cutting-edge PDC Bit, 6 ½”, 3 ½” Reg Pin, 5 or 6 Blade, Round Cutters. These bits are exclusively crafted by StraightLine HDD to redefine your horizontal directional drilling ventures. Step away from the ordinary and embrace our meticulously engineered tool to accelerate your drilling pace across various soil types. Prepare for a monumental shift that promises exceptional results with every use.

Unlock the power of the Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) technology! PDC is the backbone of the SL Y-series, dominating the horizontal directional drilling industry with unparalleled efficiency. Toughen up your drilling game with our thoughtfully designed cutter layout, prioritizing steerability and penetration rates for optimal performance. Experience the seamless convergence of 5x or 6x blades, with three of the blades coming to the center, strategically positioned for smoother drills and improved borehole quality, setting the stage for a groundbreaking drilling experience.

Although all good things come at a price, investing wisely in the SL Y-series PDC bit will unlock an unprecedented efficiency level and elevate your profitability. Bid farewell to conventional methods that rely on brute force. StraightLine’s PDC bits excel at shearing, revolutionizing the drilling process. Witness firsthand how the SL Y-series outperforms traditional roller cone bits, boosting productivity and ensuring a significant competitive edge. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your drilling experience with this 5 or 6 blade bit, today.

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5 Blade, 6 Blade


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