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Call to order: 1.800.654.3484

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The Most Complete Bentonite Mud Mixing System in Its Class

Introducing: the Performix PM365 Mixer, a cutting-edge compact mud mixing solution by StraightLine HDD that sets new standards in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. This exceptional mixer is engineered to revolutionize the drilling process by delivering unparalleled efficiency and versatility. The Performix PM365 Mixer, equipped with a 365-GPM, 14 HP Kohler engine, surpasses expectations with its state-of-the-art features and advanced capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for HDD professionals. Not to mention, our field-proven high-speed jet and venturi produce sheared and yielded mud in minutes.

Its exceptional mixing power and adaptability set the Performix PM365 Mixer apart from the competition. Equipped with a robust mixing pump, this mixer combines various additives and water to create a consistently blended drilling mud. Its impressive mixing capacity allows for the processing of large volumes of drilling fluids, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity on the job site.

Designed for Ultimate Control and Precision

The Performix PM365 Mixer features an intuitive control panel that enables operators to fine-tune mixing parameters according to specific project requirements. This level of customization ensures optimal viscosity and consistency of the mud, resulting in improved drilling performance and accuracy. Whether dealing with bentonite, polymers, or other additives, this mixer effortlessly handles a wide range of drilling fluids, making it a versatile solution for various HDD applications.

Certainly, the PM365 excels in performance and prioritizes operator safety and ease of use. Furthermore, the ergonomic design and accessible maintenance points enhance operator convenience and reduce downtime associated with upkeep.

Overall, no matter the size of your upcoming HDD projects, the Performix PM365 Mixer delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Its advanced features, robust construction, and dedication to operator safety cement its position as a market-leading solution in the horizontal drilling industry. Discover the power of the Performix PM365 Mixer and experience the next generation of mud mixing technology provided by StraightLine HDD.

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