Reverse Radial Flow

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The Reverse Radial Flow is the toughest open body, bi-directional reamer available. It features replaceable carbide teeth and plenty of fluid jets pointed parallel to your hole along with a heavy-duty centralizing ring for added toughness. It is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in just about anything including loams, gravel, clay, shale and even light rock. It is sturdy enough to be used with larger drill rigs. The Reverse Radial flow will deliver smooth cutting along with excellent mixing characteristics.

Key features include:
o Centralizing ring
o Replaceable carbide cutters positioned along the length of the wings
o Designed for Push/Pull operation
o Replaceable fluid ports located all along the rear of each wing presoaks the path of the oncoming cutters for efficient mixing and a centralizing ring helps reamer run true in the bore hole

All of this adds up to a low-mass/low-torque tool that allows more work to be accomplished with less effort.

Shaft size: 3-¼”- 9”

Size range: 16″ – 72″


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