Reverse Radial Flow

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The Toughest RRF Tools On the Market

StraightLine HDD’s Reverse Radial Flow (RRF) tools are the toughest open-body, bi-directional reamers available for horizontal directional drilling today.

With decades of experience under our belts, we recognize the importance of versatility in HDD projects. That’s deniably why our RRF tools are available in various sizes and configurations to suit some of the most complex drilling needs. Whether you’re drilling in loams, gravel, clay, shale, and even light rock, we have an RRF tool designed to meet your exact requirements.

Specifically, these reamers feature replaceable carbide teeth, plenty of fluid jets pointed parallel to your hole, and a heavy-duty centralizing ring for added toughness. So, shortly, yes, it is sturdy enough to be used for the purpose of larger drill rigs. The Reverse Radial flow will deliver smooth cutting along with excellent mixing characteristics. Therefore, this adds up to a low-mass/low-torque tool that allows more work with less effort.

Other key features include:

-Centralizing ring

-Replaceable carbide cutters positioned along the length of the wings

-Push/Pull operational design

-Replaceable fluid ports located all along the rear of each wing presoak the path of the oncoming cutters for efficient mixing, and a centralizing ring helps the reamer run true in the borehole

Experience the RRF Difference

Our tools deliver exceptional drilling performance, improved fluid circulation, and reduced torque by incorporating the innovative reverse radial flow design. These characteristics lead to enhanced productivity, cost savings, and ultimately, tremendous success in your HDD operations. Additionally, with our unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, you can rely on our RRF tools to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, helping you overcome drilling challenges and achieve ultimate results.

Unquestionably, we do not doubt that StraightLine HDD’s RRF tools will elevate your HDD operations to new heights, well, depths! Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality as we provide state-of-the-art tools designed to live long and help you prosper. Explore our range of RRF tools and discover the perfect solution for your HDD projects. With StraightLine HDD’s RRF tools, you can confidently take on any drilling project and achieve exceptional results.

Shaft size: 3-¼”- 9″

Size range: 16″ – 72″

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