2.75″ Sniper Rock Bit


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StraightLine HDD is proud to introduce the 2.75″ Sniper Rock Bit, a revolutionary drilling tool designed to transform your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. This innovative bit is engineered for unparalleled efficiency, precision, and durability, making it the ideal choice for contractors seeking to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Easily Cut Through Tough Rock Formations

The bit features three independent, carbide-tipped cutters that combine around the tool’s centerline. This allows for it to pulverize even the most challenging rock formations. This unique design minimizes drag and maximizes hole integrity, resulting in smoother, faster drilling runs and reduced wear and tear on your drilling rig.

Experience the Sniper Difference:

Increased drilling speed: Cut through tough rock formations easily, saving you valuable time and money.

Enhanced hole stability: Maintain a consistent borehole diameter, reducing the risk of cave-ins and costly repairs.

Extended bit life: Robust construction and superior carbide cutters ensure long-lasting performance, minimizing downtime and replacement costs.

Reduced fuel consumption: The bit’s efficient design minimizes drag, leading to lower fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Versatility: The Sniper Rock Bit is ideal for various HDD applications, from utility installations to pipeline construction.

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Contact StraightLine HDD’s product experts today to learn more about the 2.75″ Sniper Rock Bit. You’ll quickly learn how it can help you take your HDD operations to the next level.

Sniper, Rock Bit, 2 3/4″, Hole Size 3.5″-4″, 2.00” IF Pin


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