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StraightLine HDD designs our tri-action reamers to revolutionize your horizontal directional drilling experience by unlocking the power of three. We combined three essential pieces of the reamer puzzle into one magnificent tool: these reamers CUT, PULVERIZE, and finally, FORCE the remaining pieces into the formation wall. They also boast other incredible benefits, making them a game-changer for drilling projects.

Firstly, our expert team engineers our tri-action reamers with cutting-edge design. The leading edge of each flute is hard-surfaced, working in perfect harmony to maximize cutting efficiency, reducing drilling time significantly while maintaining superior accuracy. Whether you’re dealing with rugged terrains or challenging rock formations, our tri-action reamers can easily handle it. Thanks to this durable construction, operators ensure enhanced balance and control during the drilling process.

Secondly, our tri-action reamers excel in providing exceptional stability. They feature a long tapered compaction-style body with three large-relief flutes that allow cuttings, small aggregates, and drilling fluid to pass through the body. This design ensures efficient cuttings removal, preventing clogging and increasing overall productivity. This feature also minimizes the risk of deviation, allowing you to stay on course and achieve the desired trajectory without any variations.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the flexibility and durability of our tools. Our tri-action reamers have replaceable jets and carbide cutters to maximize performance and tool life. All across the world, day in and out, these reamers tackle the most demanding drilling conditions with unmatched tenacity.


At StraightLine HDD, we take pride in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools for the directional drilling industry, and our tri-action reamers are a true testament to that. With the power to CUT, PULVERIZE, and FORCE in a single reamer, you can experience drilling like never before.

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your drilling projects to new heights with our tri-action reamers. Join the countless satisfied customers who have already witnessed the extraordinary benefits of our HDD tools. Enhance your drilling operations with the best – choose StraightLine HDD and our tri-action reamers today!

Shaft size: 3″

Size range: 6″, 8″ & 10″

Prices shown are for pin, box, or tang rear connection.

To configure your reamer, contact us or request a custom configuration quote.

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Product Types

6TRI – 6" Reamer – $1,199.00, 6TRI5TON – 6" Reamer w/ 15-Ton Swivel – $1,999.00, 8TRI – 8" Reamer – $1,699.00, 8TRI15TON – 8" Reamer w/15-Ton Swivel – $2,499.00, 10TRI – 10" Reamer – $1,999.00, 10TRI15TON – 10" Reamer w/15-Ton Swivel – $2,799.00