Vermeer Compatible Starter Rods

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Explore the comprehensive selection of Vermeer Compatible Starter Rods, available exclusively at StraightLine HDD. We’ve manufactured these state-of-the-art rods ourselves, offering compatibility with Vermeer drills spanning from the D6x6 to the D36x50SII, including both Firestick I and Firestick II options.

Why trust StraightLine-manufactured starter rods? Each one is meticulously crafted from 4145HT material, ensuring the utmost service life and durability for your drilling needs.

But what exactly does the Starter Rod bring to the table? It plays a pivotal role in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) as the first rod in the sequence, also known as lead rods or starter drill pipes. These starter rods are indispensable for efficiently breaking through tough soils and rocks, minimizing the risk of equipment damage and costly downtime.

Safety and convenience are paramount in HDD operations, and Vermeer starter rods deliver. They provide a non-torqued connection between the Starter Rod and the downhole tool, streamlining tool installation and removal. Moreover, these rods help reduce connection stress, ensuring a seamless drilling experience.

Many competitors will claim that their Vermeer-compatible rods are the best, but they clearly haven’t met what we have designed here. StraightLine HDD is the number one source for authentic Vermeer Compatible Starter Rods that we tailor to your specific horizontal directional drill model. Elevate your HDD operations with the best in the industry. Contact our team today to discuss this product further or to order yours!

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Product Types

1704-601-01 – Fits 7×11 – 10×15 (1.66" pipe) – $299.00, 1704-602-01 – Fits 16×20 – 18×22 (1.90" pipe) – $299.00, 1704-608-01 – 20×22 – 24×26 (2.06" pipe) – $299.00, 1704-612-01 – Fits D24x33 (2.06" FS2 pipe) – CALL, 1704-603-02 – Fits 24×40 – 40×40 (2.375" pipe) – Standard – $299.00, 1704-603-01 – Fits 24×40 – 40×40 (2.375" pipe) – Long – $299.00, 1704-614-01 – D36x50 (FS650) – $369.00, 1704-615-01 – D36x50 (FS700) – $369.00, 1704-609-01 – 33×44/36×50 (2.375" FS2) – $459.00