Ready-To-Work Stories: Start-Up Relies on Source: HDD to Manage Costs

On a hot June day, Todd Seehausen made the biggest bet of his life – on himself. After spending 22 years in the HDD industry—all of it working for others and with partners—Seehausen took the leap to become a HDD owner/operator.

With sole profit/loss responsibility, Seehausen’s first objective was to secure equipment that struck the right balance between production and cost. “Over the years, I’ve seen operators struggle because they were saddled with high equipment costs,” says Seehausen.

The sensitivity to managing costs is why Source: HDD was at the top of Seehausen’s call list.

“I got to know how Source: HDD handled their business when I was involved with the purchase of a Vermeer® 16×20 as an employee at another company. It was a great experience. The fact that we could get everything we needed to start drilling immediately—at a much more favorable cost—gave us a competitive advantage right out of the gate.”

Over the previous decade, Seehausen had personally seen how other contractors utilized Source: HDD rigs and equipment to keep a lid on costs, without compromising production efficiency.

Several years later, Seehausen again reached out to Source: HDD on the purchase of a Vermeer® 40×40. And just as before, the rig exceeded expectations—both in performance and as a cost containment strategy. According to Seehausen, this experience solidified the value of using Source: HDD.

As a start-up on a short launch timeframe, Seehausen took full advantage of Source: HDD’s broad inventory to acquire a complete drill package.

So when it came time to launch his new business venture, Seehausen didn’t hesitate to call Source: HDD. Just as before, the new operator was able to purchase everything the fledgling business needed, including:

  • Vermeer 16×20
  • Vermeer MX125 mix system
  • Belshe trailer
  • DigiTrak Eclipse locating system

As the Source: HDD crew readied the equipment, a clearly confident Seehausen shared one last thought: “From where I sit, they (Source: HDD) are invested in making my business a success. And as a new owner/operator, I really appreciate their knowledge and how they go out of their way to understand my needs before offering solutions. They obviously emphasize building relationships—and that says a lot.”