Veteran Driller: “RockEye is Money In The Bank.”

“I wish we could have gotten one of these a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of headache and a lot of time.” -Steve Nierman | Nowak Construction

Even on short bores, inconsistent soil conditions are a major headache. The headache intensifies quickly when rock is present. Inconsistent geology—from variations in hardness and composition (solid vs. broken rock)—can limit production rates, accelerate tool wear and wreck steering performance, particularly when transitioning between rock layers.

For Goddard, Kansas-based Nowak Construction, incorporating the RockEye Hammer System in their toolbox, has transformed the way they tackle tough rock bores.

The RockEye 5.0 Support Pack hooked up to the Nowak Construction Vermeer 60×90.

Locating as the RockEye 5.0 as it transitions from soft soil into a hard limestone.

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We caught up with Nowak Construction’s Steve Nierman as they deployed the RockEye on a rural water bore in Southcentral Kansas. We followed up a few weeks later with Steve as his crew set up on a RockEye shot on the Kansas State University campus. Both bores, though separated by 150 miles, shared a similar limestone rock profile.

Operating the RockEye, Nierman reported impressive production rates, averaging 15 feet/per 20 minutes. Steering, Nierman noted, was also impressive, saying “We obviously had a lot of challenges in steering—the elevation changes, the big turn at the end and dodging the voids created by the four previous bores. The RockEye was exceptional.”

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