Armadrillco 5-Inch Large Chevron Bit


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Upgrade your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects with the unbeatable Armadrillco 5-inch Large Chevron Bit from StraightLine HDD. This powerful bit is your key to success when tackling challenging materials like limestone and hard shale.

Why choose the Armadrillco 5-inch Large Chevron Bit? It’s designed for maximum performance and durability, featuring a unique stepped chevron design. Plus, it’s fully compatible with the cutting-edge Armadrillco system, known for its superior strength and durability. In fact, the Large Chevron bit is a direct connection to the Armadrillco Drillhead.

Forget about the hassles of loose and broken bolts that plague conventional bits. You can say goodbye to these common issues with Armadrillco’s patented Retainer Boss/Cross Pin design. The locking pin and o-ring mechanism ensure a secure connection between the bit and the transmitter housing. As a result, you will also experience boosted production rates and improved drilling efficiency. The Armadrillco system reduces torque requirements and enhances steering capabilities. Crafted from high-quality steel and carbide, this bit is built to last and outperform the competition.

Installation and maintenance are a breeze, and we stand behind our product with our StraightLine HDD warranty.

No matter the HDD project, from road crossings to landscape installations, the Armadrillco 5-inch Large Chevron Bit ensures minimal impact on the environment. Don’t settle for less – choose the best for your HDD tooling needs. Order the Armadrillco 5-inch Large Chevron Bit today here through our website, or find a local distributor near you. With unlimited support and 24-hour response times, StraightLine HDD is your trusted partner for all horizontal directional drilling tooling and bits.

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