Armadrillco 5-Inch Serrated Bit


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For operators looking for a reliable and versatile bit for your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects, you should consider the Armadrillco 5-inch Serrated Bit. This bit is designed to perform well in various soils, from medium to hard compacted. It features a serrated edge that cuts through the ground with ease and precision.

The Armadrillco 5-inch Serrated Bit is compatible with the Armadrillco system, which offers several advantages over traditional tooling designs. The Armadrillco system uses a patented Retainer Boss/Cross Pin design that eliminates the weakest points of conventional bits, such as loose and broken bolts. The system also features a locking pin and o-ring mechanism. This system ensures a secure connection between the bit and the transmitter housing.

The Armadrillco system is proven to increase production rates and efficiency by tackling some common drilling issues. Specifically, it works at reducing the torque requirements and enhancing the steering capabilities of the drill. The Armadrillco 5-inch Serrated Bit is made of high-quality steel and carbide for durability and wear resistance. It can handle tough conditions and last longer than other bits in the market. The bit is easy to install and maintain, and it comes with a one-year warranty from StraightLine HDD, an official and exclusive dealer of Armadrillco products.

StraightLine HDD offers unlimited customer support, as well as local parts availability and response within 24 hours. Whether you are working on road, landscape, or river crossings, the Armadrillco 5-inch Serrated Bit can help you achieve your HDD goals with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Don’t settle for less than the best regarding your HDD tooling.

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