Ditch Witch® Compatible Thrasher Bits, 5 or 6 Bolt

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Discover the pinnacle of drilling synergy with our Ditch Witch Compatible Thrasher bits, available in a 5 or 6-bolt model. These bits, which chew through hardpan, caliche, and sandstone, seamlessly integrate with Ditch Witch drilling systems. They truly redefine compatibility standards, enhancing your drilling experience in every aspect.

Engineered for Endurance

Durability is non-negotiable, especially in the demanding world of directional drilling. These thrasher bits are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. They maintain a series of aggressive conical carbide cutters precisely positioned at the optimum cutting angle. Also, the entire perimeter of the bit is protected with carbide-impregnated hard surfacing, and the bit body is constructed from a 4140 plate for long service life.

Perfect Harmony with Ditch Witch

Compatibility doesn’t mean compromise – it means enhancement. Our thrasher bits are a testament to this philosophy, elevating the capabilities of your Ditch Witch equipment to new heights. Upgrade your drilling arsenal and enjoy the advantages of true compatibility. These bits are meticulously designed to integrate flawlessly with Ditch Witch equipment, ensuring a seamless connection that enhances overall performance. This perfect harmony translates to enhanced efficiency, reduced wear and tear, and an optimized drilling experience.

Unleash Unprecedented Drilling Power

Get ready to conquer challenging terrains with unmatched power and precision. The Thrasher 5 and 6-bolt bit combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction, delivering a drilling experience that defies expectations. From rocky landscapes to dense soils, these bits easily power through, making each project a triumph.

Easy Installation, Maximum Impact

Time is money, and we are StraightLine HDD value both. Experience hassle-free installation with our user-friendly design, allowing you to spend less time on setup and more time on what matters – achieving your drilling goals. Maximize your impact with a bit that works as hard as you do.

If you are looking for an aggressive, long-lasting bit that delivers excellent results in tough conditions – look no further than the Ditch Witch-compatible Thrasher Bit. To order, click above choose your size and bolt pattern, and experience drilling excellence like never before! If you need help figuring out which variation is right for you – click here to contact our product team today!

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Product Types

1301-133-00 – 5 Bolt Thrasher 3" – $219.00, 1301-133-01 – 5 Bolt Thrasher 3-1/2" – $229.00, 1301-133-02 – 5 Bolt Thrasher 4" – $239.00, 1301-133-03 – 5 Bolt Thrasher 4-1/2" – $209.00, 1301-133-04 – 5 Bolt Thrasher 5" – $259.00, 1301-145-01 – 6 Bolt Thrasher 5" – $259.00, 1301-145-02 – 6 Bolt Thrasher 5-1/2" – $249.00, 1301-145-03 – 6 Bolt Thrasher 6" – $299.00