Ditch Witch® Compatible Barracuda Bits (5 & 6 Bolt)

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StraightLine HDD proudly announces our newest bit, the Ditch Witch® Compatible Steep Taper Barracuda! If you need a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bit that can handle the most challenging ground conditions, look no further than this bit. We design them to deliver superior performance and extended life in compact soils, cobble, shale, sandstone, caliche, and rock.

The Barracuda features a diamond-shaped design that is easy for penetration and dependable steering. The low-profile carbides on the rear provide effortless pullback, with complete coverage for fast and efficient drilling. The 4140 plate construction ensures a long life of the product. The bit also fits both the Ditch Witch and Vermeer bolt patterns.

The Best Bits in the Industry

In an industry where time equals money, you’ll experience reduced downtime and maintenance costs on top of an extended bit life. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design, you’ll also see increased drilling efficiency, productivity, and versatility for various ground conditions. Our industry is growing daily, so choosing Barracuda gives you a competitive edge over your competitors with faster and more efficient drilling operations. Lastly, because it’s a StraightLine HDD product, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re using the most durable and reliable bits on the market at the best price. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping on all of our products. We build our bits to last, and our satisfaction guarantee backs them.

Don’t settle for less than the best when choosing bits and HDD tools for your business to invest in. Choose StraightLine’s Ditch Witch® Compatible Steep Taper Barracuda Bits for your next HDD project. You won’t be disappointed.

Click above to secure your Barracuda bit (choose 4.5” or 5.5”), or CLICK HERE to contact our expert product team today. If you have any questions about compatibility or usability regarding the Ditch Witch® Compatible Steep Taper Barracuda Bits, we have you covered.

Increase your drilling efficiency and productivity with StraightLine’s Ditch Witch® Compatible Steep Taper Barracuda Bits. Order yours today!

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1301-153-01 – Bit, Bolt-On, Barracuda, Ditch Witch, 5-Bolt, 4 1/2" – $529.00, 1301-154-01 – Bit, Bolt-On, Barracuda, Ditch Witch, 6-Bolt, 5 1/2" – $609.00