Ditch Witch® Compatible Steep Taper Dome Bits, 6 Bolt


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Unlock the true potential of your drilling operations with our Ditch Witch Compatible Steep Taper Dome Bits, exclusively designed and manufactured by StraightLine HDD. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive a product that stands out in terms of durability, efficiency, and overall performance. Why choose these bits over any other, you may ask?

Steep Tapered Carbide Cutters

Gain superior penetration in hard, compact soils and cobble with our innovative steep tapered carbide cutters. This design enables the bit to navigate through tough conditions, initiating quick steering maneuvers for enhanced efficiency.


The entire perimeter of the bit is fortified with carbide-impregnated hard surfacing. This advanced protection not only extends the life of the bit but also ensures consistent performance by shielding against wear and abrasion in the harshest drilling environments. Crafted from a high-grade 4140 plate, the bit body is built for durability and long service life. This construction ensures resilience in the face of challenging conditions, offering reliability that stands the test of time. More time running machinery with efficient and fully operational bits = more money.


Versatility meets convenience with our Steep Tapered Dome Bits. They are designed to fit Vermeer and Ditch Witch bolt patterns, offering flexibility in equipment use without compromising performance. Choose the configuration that suits your drilling needs – our Steep Tapered Bits are available with dome carbides, providing added versatility for various soil types and project requirements.

Experience top-tier quality with our dome bits, exceeding industry standards through advanced manufacturing. Benefit from trusted expertise, understanding your unique challenges and providing impactful solutions. Our commitment includes customer-centric support for a seamless experience, prioritizing your satisfaction. Discover competitive value – invest in dome bits for excellence and long-term value in your drilling operations.

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