Ditch Witch Compatible Hex Collars

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Product Details

We manufacture StraightLine’s Ditch Witch Compatible Hex Collars to the exact specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Available in either Standard or Hard-surfaced configurations to suit your drilling conditions. We build our hex collars from the toughest materials, ensuring they have increased durability and resistance to wear. No matter the job’s tough, these hex collars are built to excel.

Hex collars are like sturdy rings that stop things like gears, sprockets, wheels, and other parts from moving around on a hex-shaped shaft. They can make pieces stay in place better and handle more twisting force. They prevent the unintentional (or intentional) over-torquing of the threads, which can be a pain to fix and/or replace.

In the world of horizontal directional drilling, hex collars are handy for keeping the HDD starter rod firmly connected to an adapter. But for some directional drilling, spiral drill collars work even better. They have grooves that cut down the area in contact with the wall by 40%, making them more efficient.

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