Armadrillco 5-Inch TCI Bit


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Accelerate and optimize your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects with the cutting-edge Armadrillco 5-inch TCI Bit. This is THE game-changer if you’re an operator seeking top-notch gear.

The Armadrillco 5-inch TCI Bit stands out with its TCI (Tungsten Carbide Insert) technology and retainer boss mounting platform. TCI (and Mill tooth bits) mount to the strongest retention platform in the industry, featuring a patented retainer boss/cross-pin design. It’s engineered to aggressively tackle the toughest materials, including hard rock and challenging soils, and boasts a low cost per foot drilled. When you choose the TCI Bit, you decide to ensure exceptional drilling performance.

Since the TCI bit is a direct connect option for the Armadrillco drillhead, you’ll experience a significant boost in production rates and enhanced drilling efficiency too. The Armadrillco system reduces torque requirements and offers improved steering capabilities, making your projects smoother and more efficient than ever.

Crafted from top-quality materials, including Tungsten Carbide Inserts, this bit is engineered for longevity and exceptional wear resistance. One of the ways it does this is the sealed bearing structure, which forms an impenetrable fluid barrier. This results in reduced torque, fuel consumption, and extended tool life.

Rest assured, installation and maintenance are hassle-free, and we back the quality of our product with our industry-leading product warranty. As an exclusive dealer of Armadrillco products, StraightLine HDD has your back.

In conclusion, no matter the complexity of your HDD project, the Armadrillco 5-inch TCI Bit ensures you’ll complete it with optimum penetration and crushing action. Don’t settle for mediocrity – choose the best for your HDD gear needs. Order your Armadrillco 5-inch TCI Bit now by “adding to cart” above or contacting our team to experience the difference!

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