StraightLine Reamers

The year was 1990, StraightLine Manufacturing (later to become StraightLine HDD) was just a year removed from launching its DirectLine steerable boring machine. Demand for the game-changing machine was intense. In the frenzy to meet growing demand and to advance the technology, StraightLine engineers began to realize rig technology was outpacing down-hole tooling. The deficiency … Continued

Job Site Stories: Nelms Contracting

Location: Madison, TN Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on a Vermeer 24×40 Series 3 and 1150 X 350 compressor. The Challenge: The Nelms Contracting crew knew the job of installing fiber optic conduits in the Nashville, Tennessee area was going to be a challenge. Conditions in the area contained a mix … Continued