Industry First: StraightLine HDD Backs Pipe with Pro-Rated Warranty

Starting at $210/stick, StraightLine’s Vermeer-compatible pipe is a legitimate solution for reducing costs on one of the biggest consumable expenses in the drilling operation. To most, buying HDD drill pipe shares several similarities to buying tires: Both are consumable products requiring periodic replacement. Both are very important parts. And when it comes time to replace, there’s … Continued

Ready-To-Work Stories: Start-Up Relies on Source: HDD to Manage Costs

On a hot June day, Todd Seehausen made the biggest bet of his life – on himself. After spending 22 years in the HDD industry—all of it working for others and with partners—Seehausen took the leap to become a HDD owner/operator. With sole profit/loss responsibility, Seehausen’s first objective was to secure equipment that struck the … Continued