RockEye Air Hammer Prevails in Maui, Hawaii

Location: Island of Maui, Hawaii Equipment: StraightLine HDD® RockEye 5.0 Hammer System on Vermeer® 100×140, coupled with 1100×350 compressor. The Challenge: Hawaii Pacific Trenchless, LLC received a contract to install a pressurized sewer system on the island of Maui. As with any HDD bore on the islands, drilling the six-inch fused pipe presented a multi-dimensional … Continued

The Time To Act Is Now!

Most HDD market observers agree: 2017 saw an HDD market stabilizing from a turbulent 2016. Some niche segments—notably, telecom and fiber-optic market segments—recorded strong work backlogs, with gas/oil markets returning—albeit slowly. To read about how some observers viewed the HDD market, click here. An improving HDD market produced two notable trends: Stronger cash flows, with … Continued

Illinois-Based Contractor Uses Source: HDD To Gear Up For Big Florida Job

Allen Rakers, long-time owner/operator of Lil Rock Electrical Contractors, knew about Source: HDD through his brother.  “But I’ve never had the need to buy anything,” recounts Rakers.   That changed recently as Rakers’ company was awarded a substantial contract in Pensacola, Florida. Like many contractors, the Carlyle, Illinois-based company had a well-entrenched custom of relying … Continued

StraightLine HDD Now Offers 1.66″ FS1 x 6 Drill Pipe

As one of the biggest expense line items, drill pipe plays a big part in the efficiency equation. A fact that’s amplified by drill pipe’s position as a “consumable” tool. The combination has left operators with few options beyond standard pipe maintenance as a means to control drill pipe expenses. Read about some good advise … Continued

BREAKING NEWS – StraightLine HDD, Inc. Acquires Armadrillco, Inc.

StraightLine HDD, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Armadrillco, Inc. Hutchinson, Kansas – StraightLine HDD, Inc. announced the acquisition of Texas-based Armadrillco, Inc. The strategic acquisition of complementary products expands the portfolio of high-flow/side-load transmitter housings and rock tools targeting hard formation pilot drilling. The combination also solidifies StraightLine’s strategic position within key HDD markets.  The … Continued

Custom Team Delivers “Slimmed-Down” All-Terrain

In the world of HDD, a “routine” bore is a rarity. In such cases, tapping a team of tooling professionals can be an invaluable asset. Custom reamer solution during fabrication. This was the case when a Colorado contractor recently contacted the StraightLine HDD custom solutions team. Taking the call at 6:45 p.m., the team spent … Continued

Announcement from StraightLine HDD

StraightLine HDD, Inc. announced the finalization of an exclusive agreement with Texas-based Armadrillco, Inc. for distribution and manufacturing of Armadrillco down-hole products. The agreement takes effect immediately. StraightLine HDD President, Joe Phillips, believes the Armadrillco line is highly complementary to StraightLine’s line of down-hole tooling. “Armadrillco’s HDD tools are highly complementary to our tooling portfolio,” says StraightLine HDD … Continued

Industry First: StraightLine HDD Backs Pipe with Pro-Rated Warranty

Starting at $210/stick, StraightLine’s Vermeer-compatible pipe is a legitimate solution for reducing costs on one of the biggest consumable expenses in the drilling operation. To most, buying HDD drill pipe shares several similarities to buying tires: Both are consumable products requiring periodic replacement. Both are very important parts. And when it comes time to replace, there’s … Continued

StraightLine Reamers

The year was 1990, StraightLine Manufacturing (later to become StraightLine HDD) was just a year removed from launching its DirectLine steerable boring machine. Demand for the game-changing machine was intense. In the frenzy to meet growing demand and to advance the technology, StraightLine engineers began to realize rig technology was outpacing down-hole tooling. The deficiency … Continued